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Aftersales: unending support

Our partnership with you doesn't end with delivery and commissioning. We support you worldwide and in every project phase with our professional and comprehensive service portfolio.

As part of our service portfolio, on request we can plan your spare parts supply with you and place it on a secure foundation. With our many years of experience we advise you comprehensively for precisely tailored and economically optimized spare parts management.

Herrenknecht Formwork supports your ongoing segment production and tunnelling with maximum spare part availability and a global service network. With shortest reaction times and absolute reliability, we deliver spare parts quickly and unbureaucratically during operation or for your storage. So you can be certain of sticking to schedule.


With our 24/7 helpdesk we are personally available for you around the clock. From Schwanau or directly on site we are there for you with our know-how and our experts. We provide our support in all areas of mould and production technology for a smooth and reliable segment production.



Precast Experts: Perfect production support

We offer our service for your segment production either for consulting for optimization of logistic processes or referring to the optimum concrete mix. You take advantage of the experience our experts gained during previous projects, thus enabling you to increase efficiency of your work processes.

The following positions are of particular importance:

  • Production managers, shift leaders, foremen and team leaders for segment concrete and reinforcement
  • Supervisors, chief erectors and specialists for assembly
  • Experts for concrete production and monitoring
  • Experts for quality assurance and safety on site



See for yourself our global presence in tunnel construction. Selected case studies provide insight into segment production with Herrenknecht Formwork products and services.


Consulting: advice and practical support

Our many years of experience are at your disposal during the initial feasibility studies for segmental lining as well as in tender and execution design for your segment production.


Additionally, we provide our know-how if general or detailed questions need to be answered about optimal ring geometry, statics, sealing technology or necessary concrete protection.

As soon as the first steps are taken in project planning for a tunnel structure with segmental lining, we'll be at your side with our many years of experience. Herrenknecht Formwork advises you on initial production type and plant decisions and helps you with cost budgeting.


Among other things, the production concept takes into account the planned advance rate, the total number of segments required, the production and personnel constellation, existing infrastructure or new infrastructure to be planned etc. The overall result is a concept that provides a reliable basis for tendering the entire project or work for individual trades.

To optimize segment production for a planned tunnel project, a number of parameters have to be expertly coordinated with each other. We support you in this with our expertise in developing a coherent and efficient production concept including a preliminary ring design. Based on the provisional ring design, we develop a detailed mould design including gaskets, segment connectors as well as handling and storage equipment.


This includes the following services:

  • Creation of a geometric ring design adapted to statics, TBM requirements etc.
  • Creation of detailed plans for the entire production plant (hall planning, media planning, infrastructure planning)

In coordination with all project participants, the execution design defines the manufacture, delivery and installation of all technical components as well as the development of a customized ring design. Our consulting aims to reduce or optimize interfaces in this process.