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Segment moulds: in top form

Herrenknecht Formwork will work with the customer to develop absolutely precise custom moulds according to project-specific requirements. We offer solutions for the production of tunnels, shafts or slab tracks. Herrenknecht Formwork segment moulds always meets the highest quality requirements.

Our goal is uncompromising precision to a tenth of a millimeter – without exception through the whole duration of the project. From the first to the last segment.


Herrenknecht Formwork designs and produces segment moulds for tunnel projects of all cross-sections and for any required segment thickness and geometry. And has been for more than ten years now.

Precisely manufactured segment moulds are necessary so that a sustainably high-quality structure can be created without disruption during tunnelling. Our experienced team of designers, engineers and technicians calculates and produces dimensionally stable moulds with which thousands of segments weighing up to several tonnes each are produced in continuous operation.

Herrenknecht Formwork's innovative mould bottom concept ensures optimized compaction of the fresh concrete in the mould. Simple and safe operation of our moulds allows a smooth manufacturing process in the segment plant. In the project planning phase, working with you we determine the required number of moulds and the resulting configuration. In this way we ensure a high level of efficiency and thus optimum cost-effectiveness.


Vertical or inclined shafts make specific demands on the design of the segments. Ring length, segment thickness and conicity must be adapted exactly to the individual project. Only in this way can the advantages of mechanized shaft construction with rock stabilization and lining in one pass be fully exploited. The maximum dimensional accuracy of Herrenknecht Formwork shaft segment moulds always ensures consistently high production quality. On the basis of our worldwide project expertise, together with you we define the formwork concept that exactly meets your needs.


Specialists from Herrenknecht Formwork have worked with Austrian construction company PORR and the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) to develop track slab moulds. With smooth, break-free surfaces the special track slabs allow comfortable and safe travel on high-speed lines. Many years of successful operation of routes built on track slabs confirms both the overall slab track system as well as the quality of the moulds used.  With absolute precision to a tenth of a millimetre, moulds from Herrenknecht Formwork implement the extreme dimensional accuracy required here. It is crucial for the exact fit in height and location of the rail mounted on the slabs.


Selected welding processes used in the manufacture of the mould avoid stresses due to uneven heat application and distortion of the individual components. The smoothness of the joints is achieved by a high-precision adjustment system for curve areas. Together with you, we plan your mould requirements for economical and efficient track slab production and support you reliably at every stage of your project.




Robot Supported Moulding


As a producer of precast concrete elements, the Swiss company Marti AG partnered with Herrenknecht Formwork as a supplier of segment production equipment, bringing together their expertise to develop an innovative concept for the use of robots in tunnel lining segment production. 

The result is outstanding: A robot acting on several positions of the working line, carrying out many processes safely and reliably.

Customized deployment

Here the robot system designed by Herrenknecht Formwork works hanging from a crane bridge, which, with high rigidity, moves on a portal along the entire work line. The robot opens and closes the mould and handles cleaning and oiling as well as installing the in- serts. Due to their simplicity and yet high requirement for accuracy, these activities are predestined for the use of robots.

Maximum flexibility

The robot system designed by Herrenknecht Formwork and Marti works hanging from a crossbeam, which, with high rigidity, moves on a portal along the entire work line. The robot opens and closes the mould, cleans the moulding surfaces, applies separating agent and installs the inserts. Due to their simplicity and yet high requirement for accuracy, these activities are predestined for the use of robots.

Adaptations for the robot

Production plants: customized technology

With our expertise and tailored exactly to your needs, we plan and realize your complete segment production line. Maximum reliability, the highest safety standards and reduced labor requirements through automation play a central role.


During the entire process we bear in mind project-specific requirements as well as the efficient interaction of the individual components. Herrenknecht Formwork has many years of experience to work with you to competently and professionally design and implement the most suitable type of production for your project.

In stationary production, all moulds are fixed securely to the shop floor. Specific vibration dampers and adjustable bearings ensure optimal concreting results. The advantages of stationary production are fast and uncomplicated set-up combined with high production output. If required, it can be adapted to existing production facilities with little effort.


When planning your stationary production, Herrenknecht Formwork takes into account all project-specific factors such as tunnel length, planned advance rate as well as individual space conditions and personnel situations. Thanks to needs-based implementation, a stationary production line planned and realized by Herrenknecht Formwork delivers optimal cost-benefit efficiency.

In carousel production, the moulds are transported by drive systems to the individual work stations. After demoulding, cleaning, reinforcement installation and concreting, they are automatically conveyed into a heated curing tunnel. Carousel production is characterized by a high degree of process automation and a constant, high production rate. In addition, carousel plants systematically reduce personnel and space requirements.

Carousel plants from Herrenknecht Formwork enable optimized just-in-time production. Depending on the production requirements, we offer planning and implementation of individually planned single and multiple carousels. All components used have the goal of ensuring a consistently high level of plant availability. If desired, we can support you with remote maintenance of the locally installed PLC control.


Combisegments®: permanently safe

Combisegments® from Herrenknecht Formwork meet the need for future-proof and reliable concrete protection in tunnelling with the segmental lining process. Combisegments® are corrosion-resistant and hydraulically optimized segments that are fitted with a Combisegments® protective lining and an integrated sealing frame during production.


With Combisegments® the lining of water, sewage or cable tunnels is realized in a single pass. Contractors and operators alike benefit as a result of shorter construction times, material savings and easier working conditions.

Permanently protected

Tailored to the customer and the project, the Combisegments® protective lining is designed and developed in tandem with the associated mould technology. In series production, proven and corrosion-resistant materials are used and benchmarks are set in quality control.
 Without any intermediate steps, the supplied concrete protection lining is placed in the respective segment mould. Subsequent gasket assembly is not required.


  • Proven materials
  • Designed specifically for the project
  • Precisely manufactured
  • Shorter construction time
  • Comprehensive corrosion protection
  • Easier working conditions

Tunnelling with Combisegments® completely eliminates the need for time-consuming welding and inspection work. To ensure a durable concrete bond, on the back and in the area of the sealing level the concrete protection lining is provided with an anchor structure. Required erector dowels and additionally needed segment inserts are integrated into the Combisegments® protective lining by Herrenknecht Formwork during production. Combisegments® are thus transported and installed like conventional segments. At the same time, the inserts allow the attachment of supply lines during the construction phase. After tunnel completion, openings can be sealed watertight with appropriate sealing caps.




Turnkey Solutions:
all from one source

1. Production concept

Consulting right from the start: Elaboration of production concepts (stationary or carousel plants) considering local conditions such as available space and personnel, budget, etc. Read more

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2. Permits management
  • Support for preparation of applications for construction permits
  • Support for the issue of documents for fire protection / fire loads, emissions and immissions, safety concepts, etc.

Take advantage of our know how from more than 200 segment production projects worldwide.

3. Construction of building

Foundation works, planning, supply and assembly of the factory building, media, infrastructure, etc.

We take up planning of parts or as a whole as well as supervision of the construction of the segment factory including specialist planning.

4. Logistics and infrastructure

Indoor cranes, gantry cranes, batching plants, heating systems for moulds or for complete building, compressed air generation and distribution, data recording, 3D measuring, etc.

Herrenknecht Formwork offers the complete production equipment for segment production.

Your advantages:

  • Reduction of interfaces
  • Use synergies efficiently
  • Save time and money
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5. Concrete logistics

Concreting by means of a truck or better with the help of a crane-based concrete distribution system? What is the most suitable degree of automation? Having an eye on the overall concept, we give you expert advice and supply customized equipment.

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6. Segment handling and finishing

Vacuum lifters, tilting and turning tables, segment clamps, gasket gluing frames or segment transport trolleys on rails: our portfolio includes everything you need in order to bring your recently concreted segments from A to B.

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7. Personnel service

Our personnel platform PRECAST EXPERTS links competent segment experts with project owners all over the world.

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Equipped with more production efficiency

Our portfolio includes specific handling equipment to safely transport, turn and store the finished segments. Herrenknecht Formwork works with you to develop project-specific equipment planning for maximum operating safety for your employees.


In addition to mould and production plant technologies, Herrenknecht Formwork offers you a wide range of products for the manufacture and movement of precisely dimensioned segments.


Vacuum lifters

Herrenknecht Formwork vacuum suction plates reliably enable the safe demoulding and transportation of segments. The suction plate is precisely dimensioned according to segment-specific requirements and appropriate to the mould design. We design all lifters exclusively in accordance with the regulations for machinery and test strictly according to CE guidelines. With or without a turning or rotation device, safety arms or center of gravity adjustment – the automatic segment detection of the suction plate maximizes safety during handling and transport.


Tilting and turning tables

After production and curing, the segments, weighing many tonnes, need to be transversely or longitudinally rotated or turned. Large and small segments alike must be safely moved from the extrados to the intrados position. Herrenknecht Formwork supplies exactly matching systems for this, individually designed for each project. Tilting and turning tables are used either as stand-alone components or integrated into an automatic outfeed line.


Segment clamps

For the safe and efficient movement of segments, Herrenknecht Formwork has developed special segment clamps. This allows you to lift and transport individual segments or entire segment packages in accordance with occupational safety guidelines and without damage to the segments.


Gasket gluing frames

EPDM gasket frames have become established as an integral part of single-shell tunnel lining with segments.

In addition to the correct preparation of the groove profile, application of the adhesive and adherence to the flash-off time, manufacturers require controlled compression of the gasket frame over a defined period. Herrenknecht Formwork provides gasket gluing frames for any segment shape that reliably apply the required pressure to the right places on the profile.


Transport trolleys

To make optimal use of crane capacities and ease transport logistics in the hall, intelligent transport concepts are needed. Here Herrenknecht Formwork relies on simple battery-powered transport trolleys on rails. They can easily carry heavy loads and move them long distances inside or outside the hall if necessary. This minimizes crane conflicts and buffers are created for the various transfer areas (demoulding / intermediate storage / segment evacuation).


Control and documentation

Together with VMT GmbH, another company in the Herrenknecht Group, we offer the modular production and logistics management system SDS. SDS controls, monitors and documents all key processes in the production and storage of segments and records their position and installation data in the tunnel.


SDS thus ensures planable, efficient and transparent handling on the jobsite. Through appropriate adaptations of the system, your specifications and guidelines can be taken into account and implemented in all process steps.




Curing the segments is a crucial production step that contributes significantly to the quality of the finished product. Herrenknecht Formwork designs heating systems specifically adapted to the particular production system, ensuring maximum segment quality with optimized energy requirements. For carousel production the curing tunnel must be exactly coordinated with the production processes. For stationary production mould heating systems are available that enable sustainably high curing results with the aid of state-of-the-art automated control systems.


Concrete transport logistics

In the conceptual design and equipment planning of the concrete transport logistics for your segment production, on the basis of our interface competence we work with you as a full-range provider. With our many years of experience, we ensure that the planning and the selected equipment meet your project-specific needs. When selecting, for example, crane or stationary buckets, truck mixers or concrete dosing machines, we rely exclusively on reputable and reliable manufacturers.


Crane systems

A major efficiency factor in segment production is the availability and reliability of the crane systems. In cooperation with leading manufacturers, Herrenknecht Formwork has designed crane systems tailored to the specific requirements of segment production. Our portfolio includes overhead and gantry cranes, slewing cranes and monorail systems as well as concepts for crane installations in the interior, exterior and storage areas.


Reinforcement production

The costs of segment production are to a large extent determined by the price of steel and the costs of the reinforcement. This makes competent conceptional planning all the more important. Herrenknecht Formwork advises and supports you with sound know-how and customized technology. We create complete production concepts and if required supply the corresponding systems for reinforcement prefabrication. We are also happy to advise on the creation and optimization of reinforcement plans.


Concrete production

Required quantities and local conditions necessitate an optimally coordinated concrete concept. Together with leading manufacturers, on request Herrenknecht Formwork offers bespoke concrete mixing plants as well as comprehensive advice. We also configure and, on request, install a customized transport system with bucket conveyors and concreting buckets.


Measuring systems

Precision in the tenth of a millimeter range has top priority in segment production and is a prerequisite for a permanently high quality tunnel structure. As part of the manufacturing process, all moulds at Herrenknecht Formwork are 3D measured before leaving our factory. During the manufacture of the segments, they too must be checked at regular intervals for dimensional accuracy. For this purpose, together with the Herrenknecht subsidiary VMT GmbH, we offer equipment suitable for use on-site as well as easy-to-use software.