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The team of the JV Boßlertunnel produced more than 60,000 concrete segments on a Herrenknecht Formwork carousel plant.

On March 28, 2018, the field production facility near the tunnel portal produced the last segment for the 8.8 kilometer long Bossler Tunnel. Altogether, by that date more than 60,000 concrete segments for the lining of the railway tunnel under the Swabian Alb had been produced in Herrenknecht Formwork moulds. On average, the automatic carousel plant produced over 100 of the 16 tonne segments per day with 56 high-precision moulds.

The specific layout of the jobsite meant that logistical and planning dexterity was required. Only then could the segment production, including reinforcement fabrication and segment storage, be accommodated in the intended area. At the same time, the distance to the tunnel portal for the transport of the segments had to be kept as short as possible. With many years of experience in segment production and a skilled eye for the overall project, the experts from Herrenknecht Formwork delivered the turnkey plant for efficient carousel production, tailor made to customer specifications.



Automated segment production with a carousel plant enables consistently high production rates while at the same time reducing labor costs during operation. At the Bossler Tunnel, the high plant availability of 98.9% contributed significantly to the success of the project.