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Grand Paris Express

Short delivery times and customized product and service packages: Herrenknecht Formwork supplies 3 carousel systems.

By April 2018 the contractors working on the Grand Paris Express project had already ordered 14 tunnel boring machines from Herrenknecht AG. The 11 EPB Shields and 3 Multi-Mode TBMs (Variable Density TBMs) with diameters between 7.7 meters and 9.8 meters developed specifially for the project will bore more than 45 kilometers of tunnel in total and line them with concrete segments.

To meet this huge demand for segments in good time, store them long enough and transport them punctually for installation in the tunnel, a high degree of cooordination is required of all participants. Thanks to close cooperation between the segment experts at Herrenknecht Formwork, manufacturer of the lining segments, and those responsible for the TBM drive, production of the segments can be matched exactly to the drive.



Herrenknecht Formwork will supply a total of 139 segment moulds and three modern carousel plants including reinforcement and concrete supply systems, heating technology and handling equipment for Lot 1 of Line 14 and Lots T2A and T3A, T2B and T3C of Line 15. The challenge for the team from Schwanau, however, is not only the short delivery times. At the beginning of planning already, quick solutions had to be found for the efficient use of existing production halls. Herrenknecht Formwork supports all aspects of segment production with customized product and service packages, thus contributing to the smooth construction of the metro tunnels.